Geisha Evenings® Private Party

Learn about Japanese traditional culture through the five senses
A Private Party offers you the opportunity to enjoy a geisha performance along with the cuisine essential to true teahouse hospitality.
Authentic Japanese cuisine making full use of seasonal ingredients from Kanazawa is served in local traditional craft dishes. 
The traditional culture and crafts of the castle town of Kanazawa are concentrated in the hospitality in the teahouse, including in the room furnishings, the kimonos, obi belts and accessories worn by the geishas, and in the taiko drums and shamisen.
The major benefit of our entertainment is that you can experience these values using all five senses, rather than appreciating them at an art museum.
You are free to select a party date to suit your itinerary.
We can accommodate various group sizes, from 2 people to around 20 people. You will enjoy a 90-min authentic ozashiki party in the teahouse. 
*The Private Party can be offered only for an evening start time.